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  • Gas station fill up
  • Gas stations can be few and far between along this stretch of north Florida interstate. Fortunately I found a small convenience store that sold gas not too far off the exit, standing by itself on the edge of some woods. There was one pump available. The only other pump had an old Ford Explorer parked next to it and a few children lingering about. As I parked, I counted four different kids ranging from five to ten years old, and a two-year old strapped in a car seat inside. I started to fill my tank and out from the convenience store came kid number six, probably a thirteen year old, and what had to be the father of them all. Their hands were full of candy bars and ice cream, but I was much more interested in the father than the snacks. He looked to be in his mid thirties, tall, light brown hair in a buzz cut, and muscles head to toe. Not big body builder type muscles, but muscles built up over the years by someone addicted to looking good. Seems this daddy has been busy both in the weight room and the bedroom.

    I tried not to be obvious with my stares as he handed out the treats to the kids. He was wearing a thin white t-shirt, white warm-up pants and athletic shoes. His shirt and pants were just tight enough to make every muscle obvious. He looked like a prison guard on his day off, or a cop or military man. Regardless, he looked good from every angle, and my cock was taking notice. He bent inside the car to hand the youngest kid an ice cream cone, and I positioned myself so that I had a clear view of his ass. I hadnt seen any noticeable cock bulge as he walked up to the car, but the view of his perfectly shaped ass was incredible. As I continued to stare, I noticed how thin his pants were. I could easily make out the lines and color of his underwear. He was wearing a white bikini with black trim around the high cut leg openings. The black lines framed his muscular ass like a target. I started to get hard just thinking about running my hands over that ass, and all the other carnal things I could do to it. As he fumbled around inside the car with the candy and the kids his ass moved back and forth, and left and right. I was mesmerized. The hunky daddys beefy ass and stretched bikini were making my dick drool. I couldnt stop staring, even as he backed out of the car, stood up and turned around.

    "What are you looking at?"

    "Uhh nothing. Sorry," was all I could manage.

    Embarrassed, I quickly finished at the gas pump and practically ran to the bathroom around the side of the building, seeking escape. The tile and concrete bathroom was dark, smelly and well used over the years, but I was safe. I stood in front of the urinal, unsure whether to pee or jerk off my still hard cock.

    I hadnt even had a chance to unzip yet, when I hear the door creak open behind me. I wanted to look but couldnt. I was afraid it might be him and I wanted it to be him. My heart raced. I heard the bolt slide into place, locking the door, and I knew it had to be him.

    "Looks like its my lucky day. I found me a cock sucking faggot." I turn around, and he was standing there with his arms crossed, a pissed look on his face.

    "I dont know what youre talking about."

    "I seen the rainbow flag on your car. I saw you staring at me. I aint stupid, faggot." He started to grope his crotch, his biceps and pecs flexing in unison.

    "Look, I really need to get going. I dont want any trouble."

    "I dont either faggot. Thats why youre going to get down on your knees and swallow my fat cock." I could see the outline of his cock now, as he continued to stroke it through his white pants and it grew hard. I didnt know if it was the thought of getting off or the domination that was getting him hard. I hesitated, thinking I really didnt want to get involved with this crazy name-calling daddy and also thinking this guy was a hunk, what are you waiting for.

    He continued his little show, full of ego, knowing he was wanted, by me, by everyone. "Cmon, Im sure youve done this before faggot."

    Unable to resist, or pretend to resist, I went down on one knee and then two. He started to lower his pants. He slowly exposed his tight white bikini and I could clearly see the outline of his fat cock pressing against the stretched fabric. It was not long, probably 6 inches, but it was fat, cut, and accompanied by two big over-sized balls. As the pants slid slower, I saw more of his muscular thighs, coated with the faintest covering of light brown hair.

    "Come and get it faggot." We were still separated by several feet. Instead of taking a few steps in my direction, I was forced to crawl on my knees to reach him and his hard cock. It was worth every inch of the humiliating journey as my lips finally made contact with his obscene bulge and my nose inhaled the scent of fresh soap mixed with sweat. I nibbled along the shaft, measuring its length, and teased the tip, my goateed chin rubbed up against his full balls. My investigation was short lived as he put his hands on the back of my head and forced my face into his crotch, grinding his hard cock and big balls at will against my face. To keep balance, I grabbed onto his perfect ass, giving me a chance to explore his beefy butt and the stretched bikini that couldnt contain it. He used my face for friction. Driving back and forth, burning my cheeks.

    All too soon he pulled my head away and says "Time to get swallowing faggot, I got a load thats been waiting days to get out."

    With effort I managed to pull his cock out of one of the leg openings. His oversized balls remained trapped inside. The fat head was the same size as the super thick shaft, making it seem like one huge cylinder of flesh. I worked my tongue around the head, adjusting my lips to the size, preparing for full entry. The taste was sweet and manly. I took the first third and then half, accommodating the hardness.

    Taking control, he pulled my head toward him, forcing his cock to the back of my throat and crushing my nose against his crotch and my chin against his heavy balls. I grabbed his ass for support as he thrust in and out of my mouth.

    "You cock sucking faggot." I did my best as he continued the pummeling, applying pressure and using my tongue on the head and shaft. As he fucked my face, my hands roamed over his ass, finding their way between his stretched bikini and hard ass flesh. He continued to thrust. I was little more than a prop as he used my mouth for his pleasure.

    "You like my ass faggot?"

    I tried to nod and moan my approval.

    "I hear faggots like to eat ass too."

    Without waiting for a response, he pushed my face away from his hard cock and turned around, presenting me with that perfect ass, the initial object of my desire.

    He bent over, pushing his ass out and into my face. It was still partially covered with that tight white bikini, as his beefy butt cheeks spilled out the sides. The black trim of the leg openings separated the bright white material from his creamy flesh in an obscene v-shape. I stared for a long lusty moment and then returned my hands to his ass, caressing his firm ass muscles and soft underwear.

    "Lick that hole. Get your tongue in there faggot."

    I hastily pulled aside his bikini, and separated one beefy bare ass check from the other partially covered one, opening up his ass crack and exposing his puckered ass hole. I inhaled his sweaty scent as I moved forward, with tongue extended, and made contact with his hot hole. I tested the entrance. It was tight, super tight. I licked around the edges and then moved back to the center, repeating the process until I could enter, ever so slightly. I moved forward, wedging my face firmly in between his muscular cheeks, as my tongue continued to make progress, entering deeper.

    With one free hand I managed to find his hard wet cock. I pointed it downward and gave it long strokes. He arched his back and opened his hole further. My tongue thrust in and out of his ass at will, my chin bumped up against his heavy balls with every plunge, and my hand pulled on his cock in rhythm.

    "Yeah, eat that ass" he softly commanded.

    His hips, that were forcing his cock into my face moments ago, were now driving his asshole onto my rigid tongue. His puckered hole was quivering, and his cock was leaking slippery wet juices.

    I pulled away slightly, withdrawing my tongue completely, teasing him. Unable to resist, he pushed his ass back into my face and my tongue easily found its way deep back into his hole.

    This domineering daddy may have started the game, but I was the one in control now. His ass desperately wanted to be fucked, and my tongue was making way for bigger things to come.

    "Daddy! Billys going to be sick and Amys crying" a kid screamed outside the door.

    Crashing back to reality, my daddy managed to yell back "Be right there" and stood up, separating me from my prize.

    I was still on my knees as he took hold of his cock, pointed it at my face and started to jerk. "Here, take my load." A few furious strokes later and he started to explode. His first blast hit my face. It was hot and stung. I moved forward and wrapped my lips around the head to catch every creamy drop. He spurt again as I swallowed his salty seed.

    Once he was finished and Id sucked him dry, he stepped back and readjusted his bikini, putting everything back in place as best he could. He quickly pulled up his pants, checked himself in the mirror and went to the door.

    He looked down at me, still kneeling on the floor, disheveled and a little cum splattered. "Give me a minute" and he unlocked the door, returning to the sunshine, his kids and his life. But in that final look, before going out the door, we both knew he almost got what he really wanted.

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