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  • He waved to me, thanking me for slowing down as I passed and I waved back to thank him for thanking me. That first day as he raised his arm I noticed the rainbow wristband and my heart skipped a beat.

    This wave of mutual thanks continues for several days until the week of the heatwave. Even if my car did have a sophisticated climatic air conditioning system it felt good to have the window open, to hang my arm outside as I drove along and let the cool fresh air rush inside. This time as I saw him and drove slowly past I smiled and said, "Hi."

    He smiled and waved in his usual way and also said, "Hi."

    So our communications moved to a new and higher level.

    My home is down a long, winding and narrow lane, it was on my way returning home I saw him each day. He would be walking in the opposite direction towards the main road and I wondered what brought him to be walking this way at the same time each day. I began to look forward to our simple meetings.

    On the second day of the heatwave when temperatures soared to a near record he had taken off his shirt displaying a youthful but manly chest. I ventured to extend our conversation. "Warm today."

    "Very," he replied.

    I watched him in the rear view mirror as the distance between us grew and then a sharp turn of the road robbed me of the pleasure. I guessed him to be in his early to mid twenties and I would miss our daily encounters. The consultancy contract I had been working would end on Friday so I would no longer be driving down the road at the time he was walking towards me. I contemplated going out each day in order to continue being on the road at the right time. It was a possibility. Perhaps I should buy a dog and take it for a walk at the right time. That would give me time to stop and engage the young man in a longer conversation. My curiosity wanted to know more about him: who was he and why was he always walking down the lane at the same time each day ? Would I ever know or would he remain for ever an enigma ?

    There was another enigma, what was I going to do with myself now this consultancy work was over and I was unemployed. I could not sit about doing nothing but would the idea I had been playing about with in my head for so long actually work ? It would be fun to try and I could gamble enough funds so perhaps I should give it a go. After all I had to do something and I certainly had no intention of retiring.

    There are those who dream of giving up work at my age, to retire to the sun and spend money like water but I had achieved my wealth through non-stop activity so retirement was not an inviting prospect. The past three months consultancy work was just a filler while I decided on my next enterprise. But would the idea growing daily within my mind actually work ? If I didn't do it then certainly someone else would in the not too distant future. Retire ? Perhaps one day. When I was - what ? Forty-five ? Yes, I'd consider it then, in three years time.

    The final meeting where I handed over all remaining bits and pieces to the board of directors finished much earlier than anticipated and by lunch time I was ready to go home. I would miss my young friend but later in the day I would go out again, perhaps for a walk down the lane and see him. But the weather had changed so nobody in their right mind would walk in such rain.

    The wipers thrashed backwards and forwards fighting to clear the heavy downpour from the screen. It was dark, the sky only lit by violet flashes of thunder. So dark the car's sensor switched on the headlights. I would be glad to get inside and sadly I would not be taking a stroll down the lane that afternoon.

    Turning one of the many bends in the road the headlights picked out something. What was it ? My heart thumped against my chest, it was him. What on earth... ? I slowed the car and brought it alongside him, he did not move or look up. I pressed a button and the window slid down, splashes of rain beat their way inside the car

    "What are you doing ? Are you all right ?"

    He looked up. "I'm fine, I'll walk down to catch my bus in a bit."

    "You'll do no such thing ! Get in !" My voice was that I unconsciously used in business, giving an order that any recipient would not dare to question. But he did.

    "I'm all right, honestly."

    "Don't argue, get in !"

    If he had swam a mile down a river then scrambled up the muddy bank he could not have been in a greater mess.

    "What on earth were you doing sitting by the road in a storm like this ?" My voice was still that authoritarian chief executive that had been an asset in business. I modulated it, "I'm Nigel by the way." I offered my hand.

    "Mike, and thanks. If you wouldn't mind giving me a lift to the bus stop."

    "You can't get on a bus like that, look at you." The voice went back to the dictatorial do as you are told mode.

    "I'm sorry I've made you car all wet."

    "You can come home with me, I'll lend you some dry clothes and then I'll give you a lift home."

    "But -"

    "But me no buts ! That's Shakespeare you know."

    "It's Henry Fielding actually," he smiled.

    "Oh a clever dick !" I reciprocated the smile. "Anyway no arguments !"

    Mike continued to smile, "Well thanks anyway."

    "So what were you doing in the rain ? And it's early I don't usually see you until later in he day."

    "I've just lost my job," the smile faded. "The business has just gone bust."

    I was about to say I was sorry to hear Mike's news when he blurted out the circumstances of his newfound unemployment. I learned that he had been the IT manager for an antiques dealer who imported and exported collectables all over the world. Mike ran his website from which hundreds of transactions took place every week. He worked in an office within one of the large houses set back from the lane and hidden behinds the trees. I also learned that his former employer wasn't only in the antiques business, his interests also imported other things ! The police had arrested Mike's employer as part of a nationwide operation and had seized his property.

    "So now I'm out of a job," Mike explained. "I honestly had no idea what he was up to. But the problem is I've just taken out a mortgage on a small flat and without my job I've no chance of making the repayments."

    I asked how much he owed, it was about half that I had paid for my car !

    "You'll get another job," I tried to reassure him.

    "IT guys are two a penny," his voice was now very downhearted.

    A loud blast from a motor horn interrupted our conversation, the car was still stationery and I was blocking the road. I slid the gear into drive and we moved forward. It wasn't far to my home and the conversation was near to silent as we drove. The idea I had previously been considering surfaced again. It was perhaps possible. The gates to my driveway automatically opened and the wheels of the car crunched into the gravel. I brought us to a halt right outside the front door.

    "You live here ?"

    "I do."

    "Wow !" The exclamation was expressed softly and quietly.

    I showed Mike to a bathroom and found him some dry clothes. "Take as long as you like, just come downstairs when you are ready and shout. I'll probably be in the kitchen."

    "Thank you."

    I made some coffee and sat down to think. If I were to pursue my idea could Mike have a part to play in it ? Could he be one of the jigsaw pieces I needed to put into place to make things work ? Could Mike be a lucky meeting ? Could he be an important factor ? Should I start this new business ? I could give Mike a job ? I liked him, no that's not quite true I fancied him but he was a lot younger than I was. My heart never ruled my head in business and this would be no exception. But the coincidence of meeting Mike in his present predicament right at this moment in my life had to be more than a quirk of fate. When he called I had almost made my decision.

    "Coffee ?"


    "Tell me Mike, are you a good IT man ?"

    "I think so," he replied. "I've a degree in computer science and there's not a lot about systems management and web design I am not familiar with."

    "Good." I nodded my head and sipped my coffee. "Very good." I had made my decision. "Would you like to work for me ?"

    Mike's face widened. "You have a job vacancy ? What do you do ?"

    "Right now I don't do anything. I've just finished three months consultancy work but I guess you could describe me as an addictive, serial entrepreneur."

    "Really ?"

    I smiled. "I need to ask you something Mike, please don't be offended or take this the wrong way, there are no strings."

    He nodded but looked confused.

    "I am right in thinking you are gay."

    "Yes, but how did you know ?"

    "The rainbow sweatband on your wrist."

    Mike instinctively reached for it but he had not put it back when he had changed his wet clothing.

    "Don't worry I'm not trying to get inside your pants, you're in no danger, it's just that the new business I am going to launch will be targeted one hundred percent at the gay market."

    "Cool ! What is it ?"

    "I am thinking of starting a gay television station and broadcasting worldwide via the Internet."

    Mike eyes widened.

    I elaborated my idea but Mike interrupted.

    "You want me to be a part of your technical team."

    "No," I corrected. "I know the right person to head up production, I'll look after sales, marketing and administration. I want you to be my Technical Director."

    "Mike's mouth fell open."

    I told him the salary I had in mind and share packages. "Well ?"

    "I'm dreaming this."

    "No you are not."

    "A television station but it would take millions to set up."

    "I've got millions," I smiled. I realised my tone of voice had changed to the way I dealt with a colleague rather than an employee. If Mike agreed he would be one of my business partners in the venture.


    "You'll join me ?"

    "Yes, of course."

    "We'll spend six months setting everything up and once we go live we can give ourselves a pay rise !"

    "But you are already offering me four times that I was earning !"

    I smiled. "What are you doing this evening ? Stop and have something to eat, we can talk and start planning. That's if you are not doing anything, don't worry I am not trying to get inside your pants. " That was the second time I had said that, it was clumsy the first time - the second it was totally stupid to have said those words. I was supposed to be someone who was always in control of any situation, I needed to get a grip.

    I went through my ideas again and Mike appeared to like everything I said. he obviously had all the skills we would need to broadcast on the Net. "England is not the best place for us to be based," he explained. "Too may regulations surrounding adult material, much better to work out of America: say Florida or California."

    "San Francisco," I said. "I've lots of contacts there."

    "San Francisco would be good," Mike confirmed. "A whole bunch of adult gay websites are based there."

    "That's settled then. How soon can you fly out with me to look around ?"

    Mike twisted his hands turning his palms to the air. "Whenever, it's not as if I have a lot to do. The sooner the better for me."

    "Tomorrow," I suggested.

    He looked surprised. "You don't waste any time do you ?"

    "That's the only way to make money."

    "A few hours ago I was redundant and broke, now I am part of an utterly amazing project with an amazing salary and an amazing boss. I don't know what to say."

    I was already on he phone, the business travel agent I used operated a 24/7 phone service. All business class seats from London to San Francisco on all airlines for the next day were fully booked but there were two first class seats available on Virgin Atlantic. I took them, never mind the cost which was a stunning 6,502.50p. No wonder Richard Branson is a billionaire, I made a mental note to tell him he was too expensive the next time I saw him.

    "Do you live far away ?"

    Mike explained where his home was.

    "Take my car, you can drive can't you ?"

    He nodded.

    "Go home, pack a bag, get your passport and come back. I'll fix us something to eat while you are away. We can continue to talk. If you stay the night we can drive down to the airport first thing." I avoided saying anything about it trying to get into my new young friend's pants. I tossed the car keys to him.

    Mike caught them. "The Aston Martin ?" he said incredulously.

    "It's the only car I've got."

    "I promise I'll drive carefully," he smiled. "Oh, and one thing before I go."

    "What ?"

    "I'd quite like it if you did try to get into my pants some time !"

    I blushed.

    "Cos if you don't I'll have a damn good try at getting inside yours !" He winked an eye and left me momentarily lost for words.

    My business career and financial success have always been based on my ability to make quick even at times rash decisions but even so to select only those with success running through them. I am not a gambler, lady luck is far too fickle. Work excites me, making money is a buzz, a drug. I am good at it and can not help succeeding. But I previously had doubts about Internet television, my customary instinctive impulse had not kicked into gear. I knew someone who made a living as a freelance producer and I was certain he could be persuaded to join the venture but still until now I had hesitated. Mike had changed my point of view, that impulsiveness was there again and I sniffed the smell of success.

    Cos if you don't I'll have a damn good try at getting inside yours ! He had not been joking had he ? But that wasn't why I had offered him work, I hope Mike realised that - of course he did, it was that he was now the right person appearing in the right pace at the right time. How fortunate. I felt a confidence growing within me, this latest project was going to be a great success.

    Mike was gone for almost two hours, had I really just given the keys to an Aston Martin V8 Vantage worth god knows how much money to a comparative stranger ? No, I had just given them to my new business partner.

    When he returned he was wearing a wide smile and holding a bottle of champagne.

    "I thought we could celebrate," he said, "and for me to say Thank You for the job."

    "That's kind."

    "Actually," he smiled, "I thought some champagne may help me to seduce you."

    I had prepared something for us to eat, the champagne would go well with it and by the sounds of it provide a suitable hors d'oeuvre for what would happen later on. As we ate and drank I developed my ideas for the television station, sharing them with my new friend and business partner.

    "I thought we could call it Gay TV," I explained.

    Mike thought for a moment. "Why not separate the letters; G - hyphen - A - hyphen - Y ? Sounds and would look better written down."

    It did.

    "I agree. Looks like you have just made your first executive decision."

    Mark blushed. "I didn't mean to criticise."

    "As Technical Director of the company," I smiled, "you have every right to make suggestions and if they are all as good as that one we are going to get on very well."

    Even thought he prospect of sex was in both of our minds we talked for hours, discussing every possible topic surrounding our new business venture. When we got to San Francisco the plan was to find suitable premises and hire a manager to co-ordinate things on the ground while we set up the company and moved everything towards going live on the Internet

    "This is like a dream," Mike said, "this morning I was redundant and broke, now I am a director of a business paying me three times my previous salary, I have driven an Aston Martin instead of riding on the bus and tomorrow I am flying to San Francisco. Please don't pinch me I do not want to wake up."

    "It's not a dream," I assured.

    "I've just one more question to ask."

    "What's that ?"

    "Are you going to seduce me or am I going to seduce you ?"

    I had to think hard in order to recall just how long it had been since I had enjoyed meaningful sex. I have been very careful in the use of words in this paragraph of my story, the addition of meaningful as an adjective ahead of the noun sex is significant. Sex was something I engaged in on a very regular basis and it was always something to enjoy. I had a portfolio of escorts I would hire, usually a couple of times a week, when sex was always hot, hard and fantastically raunchy. These were unbelievable physical sessions but while many words could be called upon to describe such times meaningful was not one of them. Mike was inviting me to have sex with him and I just knew this time would be meaningful.

    I looked long at my friend and smiled. "There are seven bedrooms in this house, my housekeeper has them all ready just in case of an army of unexpected guests, if you need a good night's sleep before tomorrow's flight select any of them you like but if you intend to sleep on the plane then come and share mine."

    "Show me the way."

    I took my friend by the hand and showed him the was upstairs. I am, of course, a top in matters of physical activity and suspected that Mike was as well. However, he relaxed to allow me to assume the dominant role. I soon had his shirt up and over his head to expose that chest I had seen earlier as he walked down the road. How many days ago was that ? I admired him then but now I had the chance to employ my admiration at close quarters. My ands gently floated over his skin, lightly touching him and arousing a sensuality within us both. My mouth moved towards Mike and pecked two light kisses, one on each breast, to be followed by a rapid and fierce smacking of my lips all over his body. Finally I moved away to take my own shirt off followed by our both losing trousers and underpants.

    We stood for an age compressed into the tiny space of a few seconds to admire our naked bodies before entwining them in a rib-crushing embrace. we kissed deep and long, our tongues exploring that orifice mankind as used since time immemorial to express love and affection. We fell back on to the bed and rolled so that I was on top of Mike. Every inch of my body was exploring his as we pressed into one another, my heart was beating faster and faster as it tried to keep up with the ever increasing demand for adrenalin to meet the excitement.

    My cock was so hard I felt it would explode, the erection was stretching my foreskin and every inch of this solid length was aching to be inside Mike.

    When I could resist no longer I rolled him on to his stomach the steered him to kneel on all fours. The beauty of his symmetrical arse cheeks invited me, calling me, begging me to penetrate him. My cock needed no help towards its latest destiny and gently tipped the awaiting pleasure. I have done so much in my life, enjoyed so many different tings and for me sex was a regular feature of my diet. But while sex is something of the highest pleasure entering Mike that first time was more. Slowly I pressed in deeper, there was no resistance only a welcome and bliss known only before by the likes of the ancient gods on Mount Olympus. My groin rested against Mike's behind, my hands were on his back and my mind far away in a world of its very own. This wasn't just sex, it wasn't even the meaningful sex I have alluded to earlier, this was more - far, far more.

    At first I set up a slow rhythmic motion but before long this turned into a violent thrashing of my body against Mike. Beads of sweat formed on us both then turned into tiny rivulets to course down our skin.

    I withdrew, rolled my lover over and began again to peck kisses all over his beautiful body. Signs of erotic pleasure filled the air. Sensing it was time to reverse roles I moved aside to let Mike take control. He began with a kiss that penetrated way inside my mouth then used his fingers to gently trace a line from my neck, criss-crossing my chest and navel and finally into my groin. With the fingers of each hand spread over the side of my hips he placed thumbs into my groin pressing down to my pelvis. I was wild with pleasure, it was now my turn to cry out in frantic glee.

    Before I had the time to savor all the flooding emotions and feelings Mike was generating within me he had my cock in his mouth and was sucking with a force of a small tornado. I was already aroused and could not hold back, I exploded within him. Mike took every last drop I had and there was so much.

    But my friend had yet to climax himself, the obligation now returned to me. I have held many a man's cock in my hand but never one such as Mike's. As my fingers closed round its hot thick girth I could feel a hard pulse beating within it. I moved my hand upwards to drag the foreskin back up and over the head. From between the folds of skin a silver jewel of precum sparkled and looked up at me. My lips kissed and drank its fine nectar.

    Down my hand pulled, stretching back Mike's foreskin and revealing his smiling cockhead. Back up and back down again. Mike arched his body upwards and tensed every muscle. God he was a fine specimen of manhood. Up and down my hand pumped until a fountain shot high into the air. Once, twice, three times until we collapsed and held each other. For a long while neither of us spoke, there was nothing to say that our minds were not silently sharing through some sixth sense.

    Eventually we fell into a light sleep and I dreamed of the success that our new internet television station would certainly achieve. Throughout I was aware of Mike's warm body nestling against my own, his chest moving in a gentle rhythm and warm breath playing against my naked skin. Yes, the days and years ahead were all going to be very good.

    The phone on my desk shrilled and broke my thoughts, bringing me back to the present time. It was my PA.

    "Sorry to be disturbing you but the scripting team are chasing me for your notes."


    "Mike has completed his and as soon as the writers have yours they can begin work This is going to be a great programme if you ask me, a drama documentary about the start of the station. Viewers will be amazed."

    "I hope so."

    "So are you nearly finished ? What shall I tell the writing team ?"

    "Tell them I just need to read everything through. Give me half an hour and I'll send it over."

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