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  • My sons aching back
  • After several months of working as a server for a high end restaurant, my son, Anthony, had been experiencing some fairly severe back pain. He was on his feet eight hours a day, toting heavy plates laden with food, making numerous runs to the kitchen and rarely having a moment to rest. He usually worked the most active shift that started at 4:00 PM., but this day he had worked the morning shift, so he got home at 2:00 PM.

    It was the middle of summer and he came home this one day hot, tired and in serious pain. After having reared five children to adulthood, this one child was the only one left at home, even though he was the eldest. When he was adopted at the age of 12 by my now ex-wife and me, he was a tangle of emotional baggage that weighed his spirits down terribly, but by the time he was 26, he was happy and content to stay home with me, the man he called Ta.

    Anthonys Filipino and Swiss heritage ensured that he would carry a unique combination of characteristics including a height of 58", a slight, muscular frame, dark caramel skin and medium brown, wavy hair with deep green eyes. His body was moderately hairy and he began losing the hair on his head in his late teens. He looked nothing like me with my Mexican and Italian heritage, thick, black hair, mocha brown eyes, and milk chocolate skin. My body was short and thickly muscled from years of physical activity. His smile was beautiful and his laughter was rich and came so easily. His playful nature kept our home light and active. His brothers and sisters loved him immeasurably.

    By the time it was just him and me in our home; we had found our routine and built a loving, participatory environment. There was nothing we wouldnt talk about. We played music, watched television, and worked on his Baja bug together. He was a good friend in addition to being my son.

    As Anthony lay down on my bed to watch television in the only room with direct air conditioning, he indicated how sore his back was. He asked if I had a Tylenol. I said sure. He knew I had given massages to others before as part of my spiritual healing work. He knew people who had told him what magical hands I had, so being comfortable enough with me to ask, he requested one of my massages. Not thinking a thing of it, I turned off the television, put on some relaxing music and turned down the lights in the room agreeing to try and relieve some of my sons physical pain. I told him that his work clothes were not conducive to a good massage, so he went into his room and changed into red nylon running shorts that had a slits up both sides. He had nothing on underneath as I could see by the way his heavy package flopped around as he came bounding into the room.

    By the time we got around to the massage, it was 5:00 PM. The sun was still shining brightly, but we had the blinds closed so that it was fairly dark in the room. I climbed onto the queen sized bed with my bottle of baby oil to begin the massage. No sooner had I put my hands on his back that he began alternating between purring and groaning from the tight muscles being opened up. I stroked his neck and shoulders, shoulder blades and on either side of his spine. I massaged his arms and hands and fingers. As I moved down toward his lower back I was very careful not to go too low so that he didnt get uncomfortable. The waist band rode just below his belly button, so that left a lot of his lower back unexposed. He said that his pain was lower on his back so I asked him if I could lower the waistband of his shorts. He said, "Sure." I eased them down so that just the crack of his ass was covered by the red, flimsy fabric. As I was moving the shorts down, I got a glimpse of Anthonys ass. I hadnt realized just how hairy it was before. It was lightly furred with dark brown hair. The muscles in his ass were round and firm. I couldnt believe how much I had wanted to touch his orbs in that moment, but I simply erased the idea from my head and continued with my loving ministrations.

    As I worked lower on his back, he kept adjusting his position on the bed. He would lift his hips, reach under himself, shift himself around and lay back down. I wasnt immediately aware of why he was doing that.

    "My legs are really sore, too, Ta. Can you massage them, as well?"

    I understood completely that ones legs would hurt as well as ones back after the strenuous work he did. I began with his feet and slowly worked my way up his ankles, calves, knees and thighs. As I reached his upper thighs I realized I was caught in a dilemma. His shorts did not have very long legs on them and the slit made them appear that much shorter. I figured if I simply massaged the areas not covered by fabric I would be safe.

    As I made my way upward, though, Anthony lifted the legs of the shorts up a bit, communicating to me that he wanted the massage to go as high as it could. He then spread his legs slightly confirming for me that he wasnt wearing any kind of underwear at all and exposing his scrotum to me from behind. As my hands made their way up his thighs I figured I would go as high as I could until his body responded in a way that showed me he was getting uncomfortable. I reached the very top of his thigh where it met his glutes. I could feel him pushing his ass against my hands instead of clinching it away. My fingers reached between his legs and found their way in the crease between his nut sac and his leg. He was quietly moaning his appreciation for my attention.

    "Im realizing just how much my ass muscles hurt, too."

    Without another word, I reached into his shorts from the bottom and began massaging his firm melons. Each hand had one side of his behind in them. I even spread his cheeks apart a little bit to see how Anthony would respond. Anthony simply let it happen. He had begun perspiring a little bit. I didnt know if it was the heat outside or his internal temperature elevating. He surprised me when he reached for the waistband of his shorts and slid them off his hips. They were still covering his manhood in front of him, but his beautiful ass was completely exposed.

    "Im at a really bad angle here, Anthony. Im going to straddle one of your legs to get a better pressure."

    "No problem, Ta."

    I climbed over his leg. As I moved into the new position I realized I was as hard as a rock. My cock was already leaking precum into my own shorts. He had his back to me, so I knew he couldnt see, but I was growing thicker and longer by the minute now. I even found myself rub my cock on his legs as I massaged his sweet behind.

    As I worked his glutes, I ran my fingers along his crack, opening up the hairy crevice. With each pass, I let my fingers drift closer to his tight rosebud. I knew that Anthony had never been with a man before and that nothing had passed into that hole. I fought with everything I had not to make any sexual advance toward him. He was my son, after all; even though he was not related to me by blood.

    I couldnt fight the feelings much longer. I had to put my hands between his legs. I told him there was a tendon between his legs that needed to be stretched a bit, so I put my hands on either side of his balls and pushed his legs outward. I could feel his hard root, belying the rigidity of his cock, as my thumbs brushed between his nuts and asshole. I again felt Anthony pushing his perineum into my hands. This was all I could handle.

    "I hope you feel better, now, Anthony," I said as I started to get off the bed.

    "Wait, Ta, you havent done my chest yet."

    With that he turned over, exposing his hard nipples and steely 8" cock covered by this slinky, now wet, nylon fabric.

    I reached up and began rubbing his chest, grazing his nipples with the palms of my hands and my thumbs. His dark brown nubs became harder with each pass. He even pumped his hips a little bit as I repeated the pressure on his chest. I massaged his wonderfully developed pectorals, eliciting more pre-cum from him as I did this. The front of his shorts was soaked and I could see his cock throbbing through the now nearly invisible fabric. As I worked my way down his abdominals and sides, his humping movements from his hips became more pronounced. The way he was sliding on the bed made his shorts ride lower and lower on his hips, exposing the top ridge of his pubic hair. It also made his cock stand up straighter toward the ceiling. He was huge. Soon, his rod was so engorged that the base of it was showing in the space between his waistband and his bush.

    As I worked my hands farther and farther south on his stomach, I reached his pubic mound. All my resolve had disappeared. I pushed my hands into his shorts, Anthonys eyes closed, his breathing getting more ragged with each passing moment. My fingers encircled his cock at the base. The tips of my fingers reached between his legs, massaging his balls as I began stroking the lower portion of his dick. There was no turning back now. My hands slid up his shaft, lifting his shorts off his now raging hard-on and grazing the corona of his velvety brown dick.

    His moan was now one of passion and anticipation. After several strokes, I leaned forward and allowed his entire cock to slide into my mouth.

    "Ta" was all Anthony could muster.

    I applied firm, loving pressure from my tongue and lips as I began the piston like action on his cock. It wasnt too long before I was rewarded with a gallon of thick, sweet and sour cum from my son. His orgasm was so intense he began bucking against my face with each ejaculation. He could barely breathe.

    After I had swallowed his last drop of juice, he took a deep sigh. I was so afraid that our relationship had been damaged irreparably with this level of intimacy.

    "Ive wanted this for so long, Ta. I never imagined, though, just how wonderful this would be."

    He slid off his shorts all together now, sat up and kissed me deeply on the lips.

    "Your turn, Ta."

    Much to my surprise, Anthony rolled over onto his stomach and said, "I think you need to work on my back some more. It would probably be easier if you straddled my hips while you did it."

    I knew exactly what he wanted at this point. I climbed on top on him and reached over to massage his back again. I let the baby oil drip onto his back and then rubbed the oil into my hands so they would be very slippery. I again worked my way down his back, more quickly this time, until they reached his fuzzy orbs. I allowed my fingers to more firmly graze his sphincter this time. The oiliness of my fingers allowed one of them to gently push its way into his opening. He rolled his eyes back in his head and moaned deeply as I shoved my first finger as far up as I could. I finger fucked him for a little while with this finger before removing it and replacing it with my thumb and then my middle finger and then my first two fingers. When I felt he was ready, I moved myself further up his body and allowed my own stiff cock to slide up and down his ass crack. My precum was making the lubrication process perfect for our union. It wasnt too long before I allowed the tip of my cock to press against his opening. We had enjoyed so much foreplay that it wasnt any effort at all to slide my dick inside my beautiful son, even though I was fully 8 very thick inches of manhood.

    I began riding his backside with deep, gentle strokes. With each one, Anthony groaned and called out his name for me, "Ta Ta Ta"

    Before I wanted it to, my own orgasm began in earnest. My thrusts became more intense and I began pummeling Anthony so hard that I could feel the bed nearly giving way underneath him. I pulled my shaft out enough for the ridge of my cockhead to press against his canal opening. Then, I would shove my cock inside him more deeply, massaging his prostate over and over again while his again hard dick rubbed against the sheets.

    The burst came volcanically out of my rigid pole. Volley after volley of my cum battering the inside of his love canal; his climax maximizing my pleasure as well as his.

    Soon our breathing returned to normal as we lay in each others arms. I had kissed my son a thousand times, but never in the way we were kissing in this moment. We expressed our love and how much we both felt enriched by this new level of intimacy between us.

    We repeated this scene time and time again for several years until he left for the Navy. I miss my son very, very much for so many reasons.

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